Currently, Shanti-Shanti village is a project of one family. As soon as we get supporters, we will tell you about them on this page.  

                   Namaste, my friends! 

 So, this is our big family: 

Wise and caring father – Clem (French) 

Lively and cheerful mother – Ksenia (Russian) 

Our Children: 

Energetic and cheerful twins – Alisa and Alina (6 years) 

Young and charming actress Maelle (2.5 years) 

Little cute angel Mira (6 months) 


We love the taste of freedom, wind in our hair, laughter of children, sea sunsets, spontaneity, unpredictability and risk. 


For almost 4 years we have been traveling non-stop across Asia and Europe. This trip opened a whole new world to us, not only outer, but also inner, which is very important. It taught us not to fear, trust the world, people and our hearts.

And now we’ve decided to build our home, or rather our small village – the area of ​​freedom, love and joy. You can read about our village, attitude to life, children, food and world on this website. 

If you have any questions or want to join us, please contact us, we welcome everybody! 

We speak English, French and Russian.


And here we are!