If while reading this website you held your breath for a moment and thought I want to be with them! - do not hesitate to contact us. Tell us a little about yourself and give a link to the social network (if you're there). In this way, we can get acquainted a little bit. 

After we get the land for the village, we will publish a list of professions (or rather abilities) that will be very useful in the creation of the village. 

We would like to note that we are not looking for workers and do not offer a job. We are looking for like-minded friends who will live and build together with us. We also do not take any money for housing, catering and others joys from the villagers. It will be built on sharing and helping each other. Together we live, build, eat, raise children and enjoy life. 


In the near future the project will be presented on the crowdfunding platform for financial assistance. We look forward to any of your responses.