Гоа, 2013. А вон и мы!
Гоа, 2013. А вон и мы!

   Look closely at this picture. There are moms who gave birth to their babies in India, Goa. The natural home birth. These people speak volumes. That's the kind of atmosphere we try to create in our village. 

In our Family Home, we will try to convey all the knowledge and experience we have accumulated. We will share everything we accumulated to help many healthy and happy children see this world. There will also be lectures for pregnant women, lectures on harmonious relationships with children, and much more. 


My experience: 

The first birth (2009) - St. Petersburg maternity clinic, cesarean section, the twins. 

The second (2013) and the third (2015) birth – India, Goa, conscious natural home birth. 


The school is obligatory in France (attending school or home schooling). In our village, the school program will be part of the Children's Free School project. 

Kindergartens are not planned, the little children will be free to move throughout the village under the supervision of all residents, learn a little bit from each and enjoy freedom of movement and choice of activity, as well as explore the environment. Games and activities in workshops and children’s Free School will also be held for them.